Invalid License - Default Error - "You can have only one default license"

The AVDS system allows only one license in the system that has no IP range or Host restrictions to it. The majority of the licenses issued by Beyond Security only limit the amount of IP addresses and/or hosts begin scanned rather than the scope of the scans.

You can quickly know whether or not your existing, or new license is scoped by looking for this in the new license file:

Regex = .*

Or if you are looking at your existing license on the AVDS you would see that under the Regex column the text:

Default License

When a license expires and if you are using older versions of AVDS , no lines will be visible when access the Admin -> Licenses screen on your AVDS management server. In which case if you try to install another default license an error would show up: You can have only one default license.

To resolve this ask the AVDS system to show you all licenses including Expired by clicking on Advanced just under the Search on the right side of the screen, and then checking the Show Expired field.

One you have clicked search, the expired license will appear, select it, place the entire content of the License Key you received into the License Key field and press Modify. The error should no longer appear and instead you should now have a non-expired and valid license.

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