How do I upload a custom logo to the AVDS for reports?

In this section, you would learn as how to upload a new logo.

You can add a new logo from "My Logo" section, over here "Admin->Organization->My Logo".

Note: This screen is allowed only to the Administrator and authorized Scanning Users to perform these actions.

Steps to add a logo :

1. Click on "New" button to add a new logo.

2. Enter the Logo Name.

3. Click the [Choose File] button and navigate to the image file on your local computer you want to upload to AVDS.

Note: Supported file types are JPEG, BMP, SVG, and GIF. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 1 MB. Files larger than 1 MB will be truncated.

4. After selecting a file to upload, click the [Apply] button to save your changes and upload the selected file.

Once a user has created a new entry in the system, that user is automatically authorized to manage it and to grant authorization to other users to manage it. 

After creating a new Logo entry and clicking the [Apply] button as above, the Logo Details will display. The user can now grant management rights (ownership) of that logo entry to other users in the system.

Note: A logo without assigned owners will automatically be owned by any Administrator account in the system.


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